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December 22 2015


Torrance CA CPA

Tax Resolutions
Torrance CPA

Ladinez & Company, PC can be a full-service certified public accounting firm operating out of Torrance, California. We also service L . a ., Long Beach, Orange Country and also the entire U.S. Our goal would be to minimize your tax exposure, solve your tax problems, which help start and grow your business. We offer fast, friendly and personalized tax and accounting services.

Our individual tax services include preparation of your federal and state tax returns. We offer an analysis specific to you so that we can provide choices to achieve the best "after tax results". Tax planning is additionally provided in order to minimize your tax exposure, help forecast your tax liabilities, and thereby it is possible to budget and use your dollars wisely.

Our business tax services include preparation of your business federal, state, and native tax returns. We provide consultation about how your business taxes affect its various stakeholders, such as the owners, creditors, employees, customers, government entities and others. We provide an analysis specific in your business so that we are able to provide alternatives to reach the best "after tax results". Tax planning is also provided in order to minimize your small business tax exposure, help forecast its tax liabilities, and thereby it is possible to budget and use your company resources wisely.

CPA Torrance

Our payroll services add the calculation and tracking of payroll taxes from a employees’ wages. This will let you accurately issue the proper paycheck amount to the workers, track your various payroll tax liabilities, and pay your payroll taxes regularly. We also prepare the required quarterly and annual payroll taxation statements, both federal and state. Following the year, we can allow you to issue W2’s to your employees as well as the government. Our payroll solutions a helpful tool for small businesses for tax planning both with the business and individual levels.

The purpose of our bookkeeping services are to provide you with financial statements that can be used to understand where you stand financially to be able to plan and budget. We are going to reconcile your banks to your books. We are going to generate income statements and balance sheets. We're going to set up your books or accounting software, including QuickBooks. And we will provide consultations to enhance.

Lastly, we provide both comprehensive and specialized business consulting for start-up, surviving, and growing businesses. It is not only about growing simply how much you earn. It's also about how exactly much you get to keep. This includes minimizing tax exposure strategies, business formation and selection of entities, other tax requirements, like payroll taxes, sales taxes and also other local/city taxes, accounting strategies, and also other specific issues tailored on your specific needs.

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